Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Observación 9

April 7, 2015 Terrarium Update 

La primer cose que note, es que ay otras formas de vida presente en el terrario. Veo tres caracoles bebes handing on to dear life on the side walls of the terrarium. There is a big snail who has made it almost to the top of the water in the terrarium. Wait! I see two more snails munching on the algae! Son bien chiquitos pero algún día serán adultos. The string has deteriorated and is resting on the rocky floor. The tip of the string is barely touching the surface of the water. I wonder what will happen to the soil and condensation on the top floor. The plants are steady growing and beginning to hit the ceiling and grow down from the lack of space. Some that have hit the top are turning black.

We are interested in knowing what will happen if we put one whole in the terrarium in the top half of the terrarium. Here is a picture of the hole we made. We predict that the condensation will change because we will then be opening the system. We have placed the terrarium back in the spot where we have always had it in the sun by the window. I wonder what will happen to the weight now that the system is open...

The weight for this week: 1kg 516 grams

El caracol parce ser el lone survivor 

The plantas verdes siguen alimentandose good ya que no paran de crecer 

The bottom of the stem is darker than the top

The algae is greener than ever thanks to H2O

We made a small hole to see what happens to the weight

10th Observation

The upper level of our terrarium is raining leafs. Parece como si fuera el otoño porque varias hojas de están cayendo y muriendo debido al color oscuro. Also, we have noticed that the stems at the bottom are a bit darker compared to the upper stems. Parte de las hojas que todavía están arriba siguen creciendo y produciendo un color verde mientras que otras se están muriendo. Their quality is deteriorating. El molde aparece en donde las hojas dejaron sus huellas.

The bottom level of our terrarium continues to have clear water. Aunque no hay vida de animales presente, las hojas crecen, crecen, crecen y crecen. Their color is dark green like the color of the grass we see outside of SZB right now. No podemos observar más escombros ya que la descomposición de los animales no tomó mucho tiempo. The roots at the very bottom of our terrarium are less as it appears that some of them are now visible from the top of the rocks.

El peso de nuestro terrario es: 1,507 g. It appears that the weight has gradually decreased from the very beginning of our experiment.

Las huellas que dejan las hojas y el model que se forma

Dead leafs that didn't get enough nutrition

Clear as clear can be... No sign of animal debri

Some leafs are living the green life while others not so much

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Obs-r-va-tion 8

Starting from the top, se parece que la mayoría de las hojas se han desintegrado por la cantidad de condensación. Some of the leaves have left a moldy shadow in it's place against the plastic side of the bottle. La tierra está húmeda. The aquatic part of the terrarium looks like it did last week, clear with small debris at the bottom. Todavía se ve la cascara del caracol en el piso, (pero sin el caracol adentro). Un pedazo del cordon que conecta lo de arriba al acuático se ha desintegrado tambien y se puede ver en el piso colocando lo que se parece como molde. Hoy pesa 1,526.7 grams, ha disminuido en peso. La alga ha crecido un poco y se esta enrollando dentro de la botella.

Parece ser que el debrie de los little ones está flotando

The mistery continues... Roots or part of the white string

La cascara del snail

The leafs deteriorating and dejando behind molde

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Observación 7

Desafortunadamente el little fish y el shrimp no pudieron disfrutar de las vacaiones de primavera como nosotros. They kept liquifying and decomposing, pero I know que están en un mejor lugar. On the positive side, las plantas están viviendo la vida loca. No paren the crecer y están dejando some type of green "mold". Look for yourself en las pictures debajo. 

Guess what? We also saw something strange growing en el 1st tier del terrarium. Parece que son raices creeping to the bottom of the rocks. Aunque la vida de los animales no parece ser la mejor en este tier, las plantas siguen viviendo fuertemente y manteniendo el spirit. We did not get a chance to weight our terrarium pero pensamos que el weight va ha decrease un poquito. We wonder how much taller las plantas van a seguir creciendo. 

El "mold" verve raro 

Se estan decomposing :-/

El caracol no disfrutó Spring Break 2015

What's creepin'? Roots or what? 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Observación 6

Today, we have found our plants growing plentiful. New baby leaves are coming out of the top of all of our three plants. Plenty of condensation covering the one half of our terrarium. You can still see the shelling from the beans on the soils surface, so it hasn't decomposed yet. As you make your way towards the bottom where the string connects the water to the soil you can see a white mucus forming around where the string meets the waters surface. The algae is curling around the container and peeking out of the top of the water. On the floor you can see a decomposing fish with white hairs growing out of it. Same phenomenon has happened to the shrimp and the two snails. 

I see a very small snail, probably half of a centimeter sucking the side wall, probably hanging on to dear life in fear of hitting the colored rock floor only to suffer the same fate as the rest of his aquatic family. 

This week we have drawn our terrariums and colored them to catch those details we many not have noticed by simply snapping a picture. 

The recorded  weight for this week is: 1, 542.8 grams



Las planta no paran de crecer...

Lil shrimp liquifying. Aw. 

Funeral services to be determined

Observation 5


Lil fish and lil shrimp-y were found deceased in their natural habitat. This is currently a suspicious death. Homi-fishy-cide detectives are asking anyone with information to contact them.  

"¡Ay, no!" Los pobresitos tal vez no les gusto estar enserrados por tanto tiempo. Maybe they got tired of each other and decided to pelear. ¿Quién sabe? A lo contrario, de plants are growing and growing and growing and growing... and growing. Those colossal plants! 

We have noticed that the dirty is dirtier compared to how it looked at the beginning of the journey. Necesitamos cambiarla... ¿pero cómo? Maybe that's why the little couple died... Shame. Oh well. 

R.I.P Lil Shrimp R.I.P Lil Fish
Late February 2011

El peso de esta semana fue: 1543.1 gramas

Pobre pescadito :-/



From shrimping to drifting 

Necesitan una botella más grande

¡Miralo! Looking all cool 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Día Cuatro

Fish is swimming around, looks like shrimp is just waking up. He's on chill in on the rocks. The smallest snail is turned over on his shell, seems to be dead. The baby snail however is slowly making his way up the side of the terrarium. It seems like the water level has also decreased and more string seems to be exposed between the surface of the water and the soil. 

Things up top are looking good. All three plants are a beautiful bright green and one has hit his head on the roof of the terrarium. The other two are making their way up. I see two bean pod skins have been shed on the oil floor and still more condensation has formed on the walls of the terrarium. 

La escena acuática 

The never ending growth

Where's little snail? 

How do you think lil shrimp is feeling?